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THE NANTUCKET MIXTAPE, VOL. 4: The Art of Self Expression


TUITION: $2000 - payment plans and tuition assistance available – see full application


DATES: June 29 through August 17 from 10:00am-1:00pm - a full calendar of rehearsal and performance dates and times

will be available soon


NOTE: Participation in Summer 2018 Intensives does not guarantee acceptance for 2019.




The Nantucket Mixtape intensive  explores societal themes pertinent to young artists and provides advanced training in music, dance, voice, movement and acting. Mixtape allows our student performers to observe the world around them, excavate ideas important to their generation and express them onstage in a powerful, courageous and sometimes vulnerable way. The rehearsals culminate in a musical theatre performance on our White Heron stage. Past explorations have included: Breaking Through, The Journey to Self-Love and A New Generation Rises. This year we explore the Art of Self-Expression.


See what Paul, from White Heron’s Romeo & Juliet had to say after seeing The Nantucket Mixtape (2017).


        “Michael and Lynne, the show we saw tonight was completely fantastic, and an incredible inspiration.

        Not only were the performances dynamite and personalized across the board, and the music gorgeous,

        tactful, and fully inhabited, and the evening's setlist tailored and brilliantly balanced, I was completely

        awestruck by the gift you have given this cast at such a pivotal moment of life. The chance to throw down

        with this challenging material, that speaks to them right where they're at, empowers them to soar and it

        reverberates directly into those watching. Lindsay (Juliet) and I were openly crying in the back of the balcony,     

        standing and stomping and cheering. It was a devastating and transcendent night at the theater, and I'm so

        grateful- and so excited to get up onstage to do R&J tomorrow. Please pass on the most massive congratulations

        to the cast and NTI team. All the love - Paul”


All students will receive valuable mentoring and instruction from industry professionals through our unique Add-On Experiences program. The Add-On Experiences give Student Company members direct access to the professional work happening on White Heron’s main stage, and change slightly year to year depending on White Heron’s schedule and artists. Past Summer Experiences included a lighting tutorial with SeaWife designer Jake DeGroot, acting with Outside Mullingar director Skip Greer, songwriting with cast of SeaWife, and costuming with Trinity Rep. and White Heron designer Amanda Downing-Carney. In addition to add-on workshops with White Heron’s creative team, Student Company members are treated to lunches with White Heron’s casts. Additionally, students are offered the opportunity to sit in on tech rehearsals and from time to time parents are also invited to join students for final dress rehearsals/previews.


Student Company members also participate in Master Classes, focusing on technique and craft, lead by both Student Company professional educators and occasionally members of the White Heron Equity Theatre Company.


Participants Will:

  • Commit to a strict rehearsal & production schedule

  • Keep a journal, recording their experiences and breakthroughs

  • Find that Student Company staff, and guest artists all have a student centered approach to their instruction

  • Attend occasional WH rehearsals and engage in conversations with WH Equity actors to discuss character development and bond over the rehearsal process


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