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2017 - A Musical Theatre Intensive


AUG 20 & 21

Through The Nantucket Mixtape Intensive, students explored their relations to the words "Breaking Through" using the mediums of music, theatre, and dance. Together, they put together a showcase that spoke directly to the struggles and triumphs that they have experienced - that we all have experienced - as we come of age. 

This program was produced in collaboration with the Nantucket Music Center, and the students had the unique opportunity to write and record an original song with the band The Lobbyists, White Heron's Equity cast of SeaWife (see video below).

Mixtape Collaborators: Edward Barton, Jimmy Calitri, Chelsea Cook, Jordan Delphos, Jamie Dufault, Tiffany Gallo, Ava McDonald, 

J.W. Miller, Marc Tiberiis II, Karen Wheeler

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